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Fuck your vagueness. I don’t play with fake shit, save it.  I got no time for false arrangements.
Watch what you saying.When I’m called a hatefeul pain in the anus, shit makes me lose my brain stem. 
As if I’m insane in what I’ve been sayin’ and one of you dames are none in the same is what you will say but none of it plays cause something’ll change that’ll fuck with your game, so none of it better come to my fucking way.

Show me your weakness, I’m gonna take advantage. Damage you, fine little sweet miss. 



so pretty, i forgot how to breathe. by the time this is posted I will be de

Saw some old peeps I know driving around the other day. Due to the devil, all I could think was “fuuuuuck that shit”  





me 11:59 September 30th


me 12:00 October 1st


it’s not even october and 90% of tumblr is like the second gif

I’ve never seen tumblr on Halloween or Christmas… Is it bad?


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The only thing unprofessional about this is Turkey&Swiss’s use of comic sans

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And don’t forget that Zoe Quinn used the word faggot!

What a disgusting woman. If that’s even the right term to use for her; “woman”

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If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, if you want dragons to eat or if you’re interested in doing the world a great cultural service, please read on!

The Icelandic goat is in serious risk of extinction. A breed brought to Iceland by the Vikings more than a thousand years ago is now almost died out, with less than 900 animals left on Earth. Almost 400 of them live at Háafell Farm, and unless they raise money by the end of autumn, the farm will be lost and the goats will be sent to the slaughterhouses.

They need your help!

Please consider donating to their indiegogo campaign, share their facebook page or use the tag #savethegoats on twitter!

Apart from doing the great cultural service of keeping this ancient breed alive, the farm of Háafell also offers their own goat milk cheese and ice cream, a variety of soaps and creams made from sheep tallow and wild Icelandic plants, and Icelandic handcrafts.

The goats from Háafell can be seen in Game of Thrones, as they are the goats the dragon Drogon burns and eats in episode 6 of season 4.

Please share and consider donating to keep this ancient and unique breed alive!

Indiegogo campaign -
Facebook page -

Thank you!


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A small poem to start the day,

Decomposing, deforming bodies eroding
have got me not knowing if I should be going
and joining the ranks of the violent damned. 
I write with my hand of why I sin and
conclude that I might be fucked. Like you.
So before you cast your judging views
and spread stupid rumors like fucking news,
know I’ll be at your bedroom door come three A.M.
with a piece and a knoose.


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